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Translated and Edited by David Pearson
Hardcover, dustjacket - 170 pages
With reproductions of the artist's drawings
ISBN: 978-0-9924915-0-5

Published and available

to buy for the first time in English

"...the translation...it is excellent and

is true to the spirit of TFS’ writing".

Michal Simon 

(T.F. Simon's Grandson)

In September 1926, Czech painter, T.F. Simon, embarked on a five month voyage around the world.  It was a life-changing experience for the artist, a true voyage of discovery that would inspire his paintings and etchings for years to come.  Throughout his journey, he corresponded with his family and friends back home, describing the exotic places, intriguing people, and distant cultures he encountered as he travelled through America, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ceylon and finally back to Europe.
Translated and published for the first time in English, the letters give us insight to his unique perspective as the artist takes us on his journey, wandering the ‘Modern Babylon’ of New York, braving the politically turbulent streets of Shanghai, and observing the Japanese nation mourning the death of its Emperor.
Letters from a Voyage around the World represents the personal relationship of an artist in a new environment, an artist who is ranked among the best of the twentieth century.

The book represents the personal relationship

of an artist in a new environment.